Opera this weekend!

Come see Winter Opera perform Cavalleria Rusticana this weekend at St. Ambrose Catholic Church.  Saturday, March 12 at 8 pm, Sunday, March 13 at 5 pm.  Tickets start at $20, and you get to see me play as concertmaster.


We started rehearsals this afternoon.   The singers have been rehearsing longer, but for the orchestra, we’ve got today, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then we perform.  Crazy, huh?   In any case, the singers sound FANTASTIC as usual for this company and the orchestra is working hard. 

What else did I do this weekend? 

Saturday I had two weddings—one at a Catholic Church in Maplewood, one in the basement of Herbie’s (I love Herbie’s so much, though sadly didn’t get to eat Lobster Mac n Cheese this time).  The second one was great fun as we got to play over an hour of quartet music after the ceremony.  I also think I’ve figured out what song I want for my processional! (I’m not telling you.)

After the second wedding we walked across the street to Pi and had some wine, salad, and pizza.  Interesting thing we noticed there:  it seemed that all the bartenders looked approximately the same.  Weird, huh? 

Sunday was rehearsal, spinning class, and a 4 mile run outside—it was very sunny though pretty chilly.  20 miles so far this month.

Here comes another week of March—spring is SOOOOOOO close…..