Operation Less Fat cat

So I think I mentioned I’ve put my cat on a diet.

Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s adorable and perfect just the way she is. But honestly, she probably could stand to lose a few pounds. So I decided to give her a set amount of food per day and then that’s it.


For the first week she was okay. Since then she has been getting progressively sadder and more whiny about her food. Occasionally I’ve gotten concerned and given her a little bit more (I don’t want her to STARVE just lose weight.) But now she likes to try to get me up even EARLIER in the morning. Last night she barely let me sleep at all—as soon as it was light she was up and slowly moving things around on my nightstand.  (She likes to just make a little bit of noise to annoy me but not shock herself by the noise—so she’ll slide my glasses around or move the alarm clock just a little bit.)

I don’t want to shut her out of the bedroom as that will just end with her yelling through the bedroom door or perhaps running up to it and slamming up against it in the hopes of opening it. (Which occasionally works, so it’s always worth a shot.)

I hope that soon she will adjust and enjoy a new svelter figure. It’s a tough battle.

Also I’d love for her to do the same to me. Just set out my food every couple of hours and THAT’S ALL I GET.


What do you think? Does she look slimmer yet? She feels a little bit small around the middle. Think of time she’ll save cleaning!