I feel like this morning I was really turning into my mother.  I needed a day off running, but ate an obscene amount of chips and salsa the night before, so I wanted to get some sort of exercise.  But…the weather was just too pretty to go to the gym, so I decided a walk around the park was just the ticket.  And I took my phone to take pictures of how beautiful it was.

This reminds me of a moment in my adolescence where my mother was trying to get me to do something…she said, “It’s such a nice day!” and I recall my response of “Every day is a nice day here” and in my head I definitely thought that was a bad thing.

But here I am as an adult (a married lady, no less!) enjoying a string of nice days, remarking on them with everybody I know and pass, and making efforts to go and GET MY WALK IN.  And…take pictures for the blog.


I love these pink trees!  I am not a plant person, I don’t know what they are (can somebody tell me in the comments?) but they are ubiquitous in the park and very pretty.

I started thinking about how when Chris and I move I want it to still be close enough that I can do all my short runs in the park.


Not quite as spring-like in this photo.  I don’t know all the history of the park but I love all the little random (seeming) buildings.  I imagine people back in the past wearing old fashioned clothing, riding horses, or perhaps talking on really giant cell phones enjoying a day much like today.


What sort of blogger would I be without a self portrait?  Besides which, I wanted to show off my new sunglasses!  I once said that I felt every outfit needed a touch of whimsy.  Now I can wear black socks on sunny days.


Not sure why, but this tree made me think of Gondor.


This was much prettier in person.  My camera skills are not the greatest 😉  And another gate…I love the random gates—did they used to have fences that continued?  Because otherwise they really do seem like a waste.


The little castle at the side entrance of the park.


Another pink tree.

It was a lovely walk!

I passed a few people I knew, and got passed by random people—one a runner talking on the phone, another a man wearing sweatpants and a heavy coat running who yelled at me to keep my elbows up.  I passed two woman sitting on a bench, one just sitting and her friend was on her side doing leg lifts.  I see so many characters—is that because these are the sort of people who are off work on a Monday morning??

Anyway, I apologize to my readers for the maudlin-esque tone of my blog recently.  I am feeling pretty good today and look forward to the week, so you can call off the men in white coats.

I hope it will be a more positive week and I feel like today is off to an awesome start.  I’m off to rehearse the Martinu duo for this weekend’s Chamber Project St Louis concert at the Wine Press in the Central West End (tickets are $40 and include dinner), then I have just a little bit of teaching—many students are on spring break in addition to the school I teach at, so it’s a very light teaching week.

What are you up to this week?

2 thoughts on “Optimism”

  1. That first pink tree looks like a redbud to me. They are sort of short, and tend to have twisty trunks and spreading branches. The flower buds are that red-pink color, and the flowers are lighter pink. The leaves are heart-shaped. I don’t know my trees very well, myself, but we had four of these in our yard when we moved into our house 2 years ago and I fell in love with them. (Sadly three were cut down last fall for a sewer project-I’m so glad we have one left!)

    Glad you are feeling better. The sunglasses must help–they are adorable!

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