It’s been…one year…

Happy Anniversary to my husband Chris! 

Last year:



This year:


(No, I’m not wearing my bridesmaids dress.  Yes, I did buy it because it sort of looked like my bridesmaids dress. It’s a short version and I got it for approximately $25 at Marshall’s and I love it! Yes, I own things that aren’t purple but I rarely wear them.)

Here’s to many more! 



Looks about the same, right?  The holes are where there were little wooden “support beams” for the cake topper. 

image photo

Tasted great too!  I wrapped it in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil, one year later, tastes fantastic!  We actually refroze it after each having a piece…I don’t know how many more times we can do that though.


Shameless “our wedding” plug: If you are new to the blog and you love weddings, be sure to visit my wedding tab!  We planned our wedding mostly by ourselves and had it in St Louis (at Moulin Events, and here’s a link to my post with all our vendors), so if you are getting married in St Louis and have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them (honestly I love talking about weddings, so feel free to talk to me no matter).  A good friend of mine recently got engaged and I was getting all excited talking to her about it, and she said, You really want to plan another wedding, don’t you!  I said, well, maybe…maybe I should be a wedding planner!  But seriously, no, it’s entirely too stressful (I do play violin for weddings, so I’m in the industry), but I had so much fun planning it (in retrospect, I think we had an okay time and fought a bunch) and frankly, I love attending weddings too.  I’m still waiting for my sister’s professional photographs and hope to do a recap of her wedding and vendors when that time comes. 

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  1. Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVE your dress!!! I love everything in these pictures about your wedding…your colors, your cake, your flowers, EVERYTHING!!! You look absolutely beautiful!

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