Out like a lamb

Apparently I only blog on Mondays…

I have a really good excuse this time. My sister Leslie was visiting and we were busy doing all kinds of fun stuff (and working, well I was working…but we got to spend a good amount of time together having fun!)


We made it to the Art Museum, (this was something she hadn’t seen!) and even got free tickets to the special exhibition (free on Fridays, though you have to get a timed ticket). We got lucky and only had a 25 minute wait so that gave us time to look at some other art.


Leslie was attempting to show the proper form for looking at art but she realized afterwards that she was supposed to have her arms crossed BEHIND her as to not risk touching the art or getting too close. FAIL.


Found this cake in the Central West End near Pi Pizza where we had dinner. It’s good to not be on the Whole 30 anymore and to be able to eat what I like. I’ll give more thoughts on that in a new blog post. Today is just about Cakes.



Shaw Nature Reserve. It was a cold morning for walking around, but we wanted to get out and about. I’m not sure what was wrong with my face in this picture, but I am sharing the picture anyway. I want to go back to the Reserve after spring is truly here: it was cold and dreary and not a whole lot of stuff to look at because it’s still basically winter here, but the fresh air was still good.


By this time our heart wasn’t in it anymore. But it was nice to have a day to wander around the Hill and enjoy some gelato outside after having been bundled up the previous day.IMG_9136

Just so you know.


Things I haven’t been doing lately: running. This bodes well for my weekend half marathon. I’ll mainly be walking. It was meant to be something I trained for, but life…in any case, the weather is finally warming up. There are two options: 1) I don’t actually really like running but only the idea of it or 2) I just don’t like running in the cold or on the treadmill. You pick. Either way, I’m going to have fun, enjoy the three hours it will take me (if we are lucky) and appreciate what I’ve done and been through since this time last year. If I’d known how lazy I would get, I wouldn’t have registered (got a great price registering early of course, so that’s good), but I did, and I’m doing it anyway. And I DO want to get back into running: I enjoyed being a runner for awhile, and it made me feel good, and I want that again. Between the Whole 30 diet and the cold and dealing with a bunch of personal issues training just wasn’t a priority this time around. I’m okay with that, or at least trying to be.


I feel pretty good about what my priorities have been lately though. I’ve been working hard, eating great food, hanging out with friends and family, getting to the gym, and getting some great long walks in, so life is going in the right direction.

And sleep petting the cat, evidently…


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