Packing and Steak

That’s yesterday in a nutshell.  Chris and I are moving to a slightly bigger place in less than two weeks now, so it’s getting to be serious packing time.  Since we were both off work yesterday we decided to dedicate some serious time to packing.

photo (44)

The cat was, naturally, of no help at all.

I managed to pack up all of the books and music from the middle room.  We still have another medium sized bookcase to pack, but this was a big project.  I also packed up my desk, which was a disaster area.

photo (42)

Some of the carnage.  Lifting heavy boxes is a wonderfully functional use of my hard earned muscles.  Though Chris is a gentleman and usually won’t let me mess with them too much.  Also there’s that nagging shoulder injury that likes to hurt after awhile.

After our hard work, it was time for dinner.  Steak, corn, cole slaw, with leftover brownies for dessert.

photo (40)

Raw meat!

photo (43)

Meat that is less raw.  We split these steaks.

photo (45)

Brownies, with peanut butter chips in the batter AND on top.  YUMMY.  Though next time I need to add the chips on top earlier so they will melt a little. 

And movies.  It was a nice relaxing day with my family.  (I occasionally get confused when Facebook includes Chris as my family and then I remember that’s what being married means.  I’ll be more confused when Peter is included in that category, I think…or does it work that way? Either way I suppose I should stop saying I don’t have family in town, because I do.)

I’ll end with my favorite tweet from myself so far today.


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