Again I am blown away by how many folks are reading my Auditions post.  Thanks for reading!  Some of you have left comments.  I’d love to hear from more of you!  Feel free to comment, don’t be shy…after all, one commenter claims all musicians are unknowingly “dead inside.”  You can’t really top that, now can you?  (This is not a challenge, actually.  Just saying, maybe YOU have something you want to say.  Unless you are actually dead on the inside?)

I was a fabulous (read: bribing) teacher today and brought candy for my students.  (Sorry to their regular classroom teachers.) I find that people fall vehemently into the “love peeps” or the “hate peeps” categories.  Where do you stand?  I’m ashamed to admit I could probably eat large quantities of them in one sitting if I didn’t watch myself.


Though, to be clear, my most favorite Easter Candy is this (*drools*):


So good!  Those I could probably eat for days on end.  I did actually purchase TWO today at the store.  One for me, one for Chris.  Aren’t we ridiculous in our “moderation”?  I WANTED to get the six-pack (I wanted to get several six-packs of them, or perhaps the gigantic one I saw) but I thought one each was enough.  Joe would be so proud.

Now, TODAY was a great day for a run.  Just around 50 degrees, and sunny.  I started out cool, but was sweaty by the end. (I am still comparing all running days to that ridiculously hot day I ran my last half marathon Sad smile )

I took a few pictures at the turnaround in the park.



And I wore my new Go! St Louis Half Marathon shirt—it’s VERY bright.  I am fantastic at taking pictures of myself.


Oh yeah!  Look at my beautiful smile!!

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Wednesday…after the storms we had last night, it’s a welcome relief.  Let me be clichéd and ask, what is YOUR favorite Easter candy?

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  1. nothing beats the peanut butter egg. peeps look so airy and unsatisfying, but i have stuffed them in my mouth relentlessly in the past!!

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