Peslie wedding

I’ve been tired all week.  I wonder why 😉


I promise I won’t use that picture again.  Well, I plomise.

We are heading (back) to Phoenix tomorrow afternoon.  I’m doing something revolutionary (for me) and not packing until tomorrow.  I have a packing list, and I think it will just be easier and faster to wait.  I do have some piles of "stuff to bring" like my shoes, purse, "emergency bridesmaid kit" and stuff like that.  I am so excited!  I can’t believe my sister is getting married!! (Is this how she felt in January?) 


(A knife for Hannah.  This is a family joke, involving a time when Carrie got angry at me and drew a tiny picture of a knife, labeled it "A knife for Hannah" and left it on my desk.  I think she was about five or younger at the time.)

I feel like I’ve just been on high alert/high excitement since last week.  Even being here, in between, I feel like I’m still in celebration mode and nothing else matters. 


(The girls)

I did have a good workout yesterday.  I didn’t think it was at the time because Mike kept fussing at me about my lunges needing to be lower and how I should be more focused (how can I be focused this week??) and how my hip shouldn’t be hurting anymore and that a week is plenty long to recover from a half and I should either go to the doctor or just run through the pain.  (Yes, okay, I didn’t go to the doctor for what may have been a slight rotator cuff tear and was something integral to my career, I’m totally going to the doctor for approximately two weeks of hip pain that is improving!).  Anyway, my attitude was crabby afterwards but I woke up super sore this morning—my quads and shoulders and ribs are sore and I feel like I must have done a good workout after all.


Honestly, I’ve been in such a crabby mood other than my excitement for Leslie.  There’s a memorial service for our friend Jim after we get back, I’m angry at the political bs going on, I’m angry at baseball…(don’t get me started because I will go on forever and there is no appeasing me).  GAH.  So much annoyance at the world.


Let’s get these crazy kids married then!  I am ready to spend the next few days away from the annoyances of day to day life and away from St Louis and ignoring as much political talk as possible, and ready to spend it with friends and family.


We’re doing hashtag #pesliewedding for the weekend.  Unless we come up with something better.  (Unlikely, yet also nearly impossible to come up with something worse.)



I get to see all these lovely ladies again! (What, are you surprised I posted a picture from my wedding?)


Oh, and I’ll have to give a toast.  I’m a little terrified of this:  as much as I love attention, I don’t like everybody looking at me.

When Leslie came out of the dressing room wearing her wedding dress the other day, it occurred to me that some people might get teary and emotional.  I hadn’t seen her dress before.  The seamstress asked if I had seen a picture and I said no.  But I expected her to look beautiful in her dress and of course she did.  So it wasn’t a surprise.

And that’s as much sentiment you’re getting out of me tonight :) 

(Oh, and writing this blog post and looking through pictures has put me in an excellent mood and I’ve almost forgotten all about what was making me angry—baseball—earlier tonight.  Yay for old pictures!)

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