Pity party over

Okay, I’ve declared this evening the end of my pity party.  Well, not exactly, but we’ve moved on today into…

strange gym injury party time!


That’s my left pinky.  Suffice it to say it feels much worse than it looks.  What happened?  Well, it happened really fast.  In a nutshell, v-sits holding a 10 pound weight to press up while moving legs forward (I need to start taking pictures during my workouts, huh?).  At the end I was exhausted so I leaned over to drop the weight first, and proceeded to somehow drop it directly onto my pinky finger…which hurt A LOT.  Then I spent a minute or two lying on the floor holding my hand in agony, while Mike either laughed at me or debated calling 911.

Summary:  I am really clumsy.

Other summary:  Mike had a tooth infection.  Evidently he needed a root canal.  He thinks I need to start foam rolling my legs.  His ex-girlfriend wants to get back together but he claims he doesn’t want to.  I also mentioned my blog today, maybe he’s reading this (probably not).

Then I headed off to my ocarina trio rehearsal followed by another lunch at Panera (started reading Water for Elephants, love it so far!) and 3ish hours of teaching.  Finally my day is done! 

Things that are uncomfortable:  trying to play violin with a wonky pinky.  Let’s hope tomorrow goes better since I have TWO weddings to play for.

Next Saturday, May 7:  I am playing for a live internet concert.  6 pm Central Time. Go to this link and it is advertised as “Heather’s Free Live Concert.”  I am playing with Heather!  If you want to catch it from the beginning please visit the link a few minutes early as evidently you are required to watch a couple minutes worth of commercials.