Another Thursday done…perhaps you are tired of hearing me talk about my busy Thursdays?

Today, as usual, my students ran the gamut from “didn’t practice at all…again” to “Wow, I can’t believe how well they are doing.”  Some of them are just doing GREAT, and making me feel like I really know what I’m doing, others…well…we just do the best we can with what we have.  I am annoyed by the non-practicing though…not practicing equals not trying.  And I do try to educate the parents about it.  Some times the parents are first in line for excuses.   I get tired of excuses.   Not to be negative, but if a child doesn’t have time to practice violin, then they aren’t getting much out of the lessons, and might as well not be taking…or need to prioritize which extracurriculars are most important.  I find there is always time in the day for things that are most important, just not for everything.

But I will continue to teach each child the best I can, of course, because that is my job 🙂  I teach the child who shows up that day, wherever they are.