Thursday is a long day for me–I have 12 scheduled students in two locations.  Today I finished my second student and I thought I was going to just fall asleep.  I didn’t know HOW I would make it through the rest.   After the next two, things were even worse.  Then I realized why today was so bad (in addition to still being a little sick, and having slept poorly…).  None of my students had done even CLOSE to the practicing I had asked for.  In fact, several had done NO practicing at all.  It’s sad how quickly I can go from being hopeful and excited about new students to being totally depressed because none of my students are practicing and I just don’t know what else to do.  Granted they are new and I haven’t tried much, but if they won’t practice right off the bat with a new teacher, when will they?

However, as the day progressed, a couple of my students really surprised me, and had done MORE than I asked for, and really done a great job.  So at least I’m not failing all of my students!!  I’ll have to figure out how to encourage the non-practicing students to do better.