Princess Kate

I want to share a few more wedding dress pictures.  Again, none of these are my dress!


Do you recognize this dress?


I think this is the dress I would have chosen if I were still a little girl.

Do you like my tan lines?

You know what is fun?  Seeing what search terms people use to find my blog.  I’ve done this before, but it’s been quite awhile.

Here are some interesting ones, organized by category (search terms in italics)

workout related:

running for weight loss for wedding

i am fat in my wedding pictures

go st louis marathon failed

oozing toenail after marathon

get in shape as a musician

violin and running

“jogging” or maybe its “yogging” with a soft j. apparently you just run for extended periods of time. what do you think?

mr. t lifting weights


lots of poo related searches:

long distance runner poo

caroline white boston marathon 2011 poop

long distance runners loosing control of bowels

swiss runner loses control of bowels

beautiful girl losing control of her bowels


music related:

80s hits+violin

“best violin teacher” and “long island”

violin teacher misbehavior

violin is a jealous

violin jobs circus

the side effect of violin


random, crazy, or sort of sad:

chocolate tanning facebook

happy birthday daddy virtual

violin text massage (I want one!)

you set it all off for me i have to work all day if any of you want to be a real man and not a stalker hit me up

thoughts text messages

how to make a violin in text message (I would love to know this!)

black ladies in a party fun

why is orchestra music not interestuing to most people

who was hannah workout 80’s

and my personal favorite:

how to come up with a grand idea

top search for my blog:  hannah violin blog

second top search for my blog:  cheese


2 thoughts on “Princess Kate”

    1. Ha! Love it! I was in the bridal shop, and they asked, do you want to try on the princess’s dress? OF COURSE. Sadly, I think it looked better on her.

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