Prokofiev (and lots of asides)

I am having a wonderful time working on Prokofiev’s Sonata for Solo Violin and the Duo (for two violins)—just one movement of each, but still.  WHY don’t I play more Prokofiev??

My sister Leslie and I performed the Duo on her second Master of Music recital back in…2004?  I’m too tired to think about it, but I got this picture from 2004 on my computer.


And this one, close up on pores and eyebrows (but I remember thinking it was a fabulous picture at the time).


Yes, friends, that is in the hallowed halls of CIM.  Where else are there blue/green brick walls??


I evidently wanted my features more in the middle of my face.

Anyway, Leslie played some other stuff on her recital too, but the highlight was (obviously) the Duo for Two Violins.  We’ve decided to reprise the second movement for our encore in April after the concerto performance (in South Carolina, at Presbyterian College). 

The other important thing about that time was that it was right around the time that the heat broke in our apartment.  Little did we know this would lead to a three month long battle with our landlord, moving to a new place, breaking our lease, suing, and ultimately them settling.  Awesome.  I remember mainly being cold and angry, and feeling helpless.  I hate feeling helpless. (Stating the obvious, of course, because who does?)  Our new place was nicer anyway, but we only lived there a few months, and then Leslie went to Phoenix.  So, the Prokofiev (in a really contrived, stretched out way) represents our last bit of living together before we branched out on our own.  The end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood.  (Now I’m just making stuff up.)


Another picture on my computer in the "2004" folder.  Yes, that’s the fatness ("Oistrakh"), and her old friend "Heifetz" who is no longer with us.  (It’s the sad.  She was my first real pet, and was wonderful.)


Rarely did they sit this close.  Must have been cold—I still have that cow pillow and the blankets!  Not the couch, ha! 

In a nutshell, I really love Prokofiev.  The D Major Concerto no. 1 is perhaps my favorite violin concerto (I say, perhaps, please don’t make me choose), Symphony no. 5 (two words, midget porn), Lieutenant Kije (TROIKA!), and more…

That said, I’m not sure how I feel about the SLSO’s latest marketing campaign for Prokofiev’s Scythian Suite (which I do not know.)  I know they are trying to be funny (well, I presume)…but…well, check it out yourself if you like. (Oh, you see what I did there??)

I probably won’t attend, I’ll be resting up to kick butt in the Go! St Louis Half Marathon the next day.  I’d listen on the radio, but I imagine it would blow my speakers out.  (haha).

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