Pumpkin Run 5K

As you know, I ran my first 5K on Saturday.  I chose this one (Pumpkin Brew Run III) primarily because it was close to my home and as a bonus, I didn’t have to get up early!  The race started at 4:00 pm.  I convinced Chris to come along and cheer me on as he had been unable to attend the half-marathon.

We headed over to the starting area around 3:15.  We were supposed to meet at a bar called Amsterdam, which is known for showing all manner of soccer (or “futbol”) games.  Chris knew exactly where it was as he had watched several early morning World Cup games there in the summer.  We parked a few blocks away and walked up.  There were lots of people milling around already.


Waiting to start!


There was going to be a costume contest, and people were encouraged to wear costumes.  I didn’t think that would be a good idea for me as running is enough of a challenge, but I wanted to be in the proper spirit, so I found that delightful t-shirt at Target.  I saw several other women wearing the same outfit, so I felt like I really belonged 😉

It was a bit warmer than I had hoped for a mid-October race (I really dislike the heat) but it wasn’t terrible–probably just over 70 degrees.  I lined up towards the end of the pack as I did not anticipate being super fast, nor did I plan to run the entire distance.


Lining up to start



I moved a bit closer to Chris (who was waiting on the side)


Finally they counted down “3, 2, 1, GO!”  It took a little while to get going, but no worries as I had my timer attached to my shoe.  After about 30 seconds of slow walking, we were off!

It was pretty cool running through my (basically) neighborhood with so many people.  The police had blocked off Arsenal to traffic as we crossed into Tower Grove Park.  The first mile was pretty easy, especially as it was primarily downhill.  Of course, that meant later parts of the race would be uphill, and I knew the course would be fairly hilly from running there other times.  I did stop to walk a few times, and there was one water set up between miles 1 and 2.  Finally I was coming back across Arsenal and heading towards the finish line!  My leg was a bit sore/hurty (right leg towards hip has been bothering me), but I pushed ahead, knowing Chris would be waiting for a picture 😉  I managed to somewhat sprint towards the finish line, and thought I saw something around 37 minutes.



The home stretch!



Glad to be done!


Afterwards all I wanted was water and to stretch.  Originally I had thought I might want to hang out with Chris at Amsterdam as I could get free pumpkin beer and there was going to be costume judging and live music, but I was completely worn out.  We just walked to the car and went home instead, like old people 😉

My official time was 36:15 chip time (36:48 clock time) which means the time from when I crossed the start line to finish line.  I averaged 11:40 per mile.  I was in 331st place out of 438, and 27th out of 45 in my age group (30-34 women).  Not too shabby for my first time, I don’t think!  I may try another race in two weeks…