Pumpkin Spice Kisses

"You’ll sleep when you’re dead." –Leslie

This was in reference to tomorrow and the subsequent days:  I have a 7:30 flight to Phoenix, arrive there around 9 am, then we have a party starting at 3 pm and going…until.  Sunday and Monday are also busy ("busy" in wedding planning and celebrating terms, to be clear, not actual busy, but things like "final dress fitting," "do bikram yoga," "visit the venue to plan out decorations," and "drop off bridesmaid dress at dry cleaners" are on the list.  It adds up.)  Oh, then I get home Monday night around midnight, and leave again on Thursday afternoon.  Plan:  sleep on plane.


For the party—who doesn’t love Mad Libs.  Some of these are already done since somebody else got married recently.  (This is Leslie’s something borrowed?)


Got my haircut and my brows waxed for the festivities.  I’ll need extra undereye concealer by the time this is done.


We have created an abomination against nature.  Or this is just a really unflattering pose.


I had purchased some pumpkin spice kisses at Target the other week.  It occurred to me that they would make excellent cookie toppers.  Last night I made snickerdoodle cookies and put a kiss on top of each one.  DELICIOUS!


When Chris saw me with the "ingredients" for snickerdoodle cookies–(I’m not going to lie: I bought a box of snickerdoodle "cookie mix."  Probably I have all the ingredients for actual snickerdoodle cookies on hand, because I imagine they include, you know, sugar, flour, eggs, cinnamon, baking soda, butter…but I was just that lazy, and I didn’t feel like looking up a recipe nor verifying that I had all the ingredients, NOR, dare I say, pulling out the kitchenaid which I ended up having to do anyway…but I digress)—when Chris saw me with the box of mix, he said "I don’t care for snickerdoodle cookies."  I told him I was putting the kisses on them and his ears perked up.  After I made them I think he ate a half dozen.

Basically I’m telling you that these cookies really compliment the kisses, if you are looking for a good pairing.

I packed my running shoes.  I thought about going for a run this morning, but I decided that I should stick with my original plan of not running for at least a week, plus there is no need for me to be a hero.  We did deadlifts yesterday to work on my hamstrings and they felt really good at the time, but naturally I’m sore today.  I am blogging, then foam rolling.  Another couple days off will only help really, not hurt.

What are you up to this weekend?  Any suggestions on places to hit up in Old Town Scottsdale on a Saturday night?