Questions? #reverb11

First off, Happy Birthday Mom!  I hope you have a great day Smile



(last year’s flowers)

February Prompt:
One month into 2011, what question(s) are you living? Are there any prompts/questions that arose during #reverb10 that are still resonating in your life? Are you living new questions?

In December I participated in Reverb10, and at the beginning of February I got this prompt to continue on the creative path.  The problem is, I am reading this prompt and I don’t have any idea what it means, much less how to answer it.  What question am I living? 

I decided to refresh my memory on my reverb10 posts by browsing that category (available to you as well, at the very bottom of the page!).  I love the variety of topics that I wrote about…travel, community, change, happiness, lifestyle, love, friendship…I guess some of them are answers to questions, but I didn’t consider the prompts questions so much as, well, prompts.

The second part of the prompt about what prompts arose that are still resonating in my life?  I am definitely trying to keep up my “sense of wonder.” The other post that I really enjoyed reading again was “There is no do, only try.”  I wrote about trying new things, enjoying my city, and being less stressed over small unimportant things.  I love the idea of trying new things more than the act of it, but I have definitely tried many new things already this year…and I will continue to dream big and come up with grand ideas! 

Part three:  Are you living new questions?  Am I meant to substitute prompt for question?  I’m trying to keep up the daily blogging, first off, and sometimes I’m more inspired than other times.  Some nights I am exhausted and have very little to say.  Other days I am bursting with excitement.  Some nights I just want to post pictures of my cat.  I’m going to keep thinking about this though:  Are you living new questions?  Because…(like the beautifully different post)…I honestly don’t know what that means.  So I don’t know the answer.  Then again, I can assume that I am…

Any questions?

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  1. I actually just wanted to comment on the photo above, because–this is so weird–I gave my mom that same exact giant calculator for her birthday last Nov. (obv. a gag gift):)

    as far as “living new questions”, I’m not exactly sure…I’ll have to think about that one for a bit. I’ve definitely NOT kept up with all my many NYRes. so far, but I have had a breakthrough recently, and I def. feel more peaceful and accepting of what I’ve been given in life as of now. Sort of an epiphany, I suppose…I’ll have to write about this, too, on my blog:)

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