Quick recap of week

I’ve been so busy these past few days I’ve just been doing the reverb10 posts.  So what have I been doing?

Well, less working out that in the past, but that’s okay.  I’m still on track, and the holidays are just tough.  I ended up having two days off this week plus I’ve been dealing with leg soreness from Mike-related exercises.

I have done most of my Christmas shopping!  I’ve gotten people some really awesome gifts and I hope they all love them (or at least find them useful.)  I probably spent too much, but it’s fine Smile I just hope my family and Chris are happy with their gifts!

I got a few new decorations for the tree.  I’m really pleased with the tree this year, it just looks really beautiful.  Yesterday one of my students came in, looked at the tree and the presents underneath (I wrap my gifts and set them out), and asked “are any of those for me?”  I had to laugh—I absolutely remember that feeling—you would see gifts and hope (and hope) that one was for you…but I don’t recall ASKING!  Sometimes you would be disappointed, but sometimes you would get that surprise gift you weren’t expecting.  Isn’t it great being a kid??

I had a morning off on Wednesday where my stomach was really acting up.  I think the stress was getting to me a bit…or I had a bit of bug/food poisoning.  Who knows.  I managed to make it through the rest of the week.

I realized I messed up a bit for the weekend—I forgot to forward a memo to my students who are performing on the Metro East Lutheran joint school concert on Sunday.  I guess it’s really impossible to do everything!  I made a list on Wednesday of all the things I needed to do until December 19 (vacation) and have kept up pretty well since then…but it’s hard to keep up with the things you forget to do OR forget to put on the list.  I’m making cookies for my class students this week for mini-parties and we have three performances ahead of us—hopefully they will go smoothly, or at least, well enough!  In the past few months I’ve worked my butt off on these new school jobs and I don’t always feel I get enough back from them to make it worthwhile.  But as always, the kids are wonderful Smile

Today was a workout with Mike and a rehearsal for a choir concert.  It was my first orchestral experience in a long time, and it was quite fun!  The workout was great too—the gym has been expanding and now has a large back room with a new line of treadmills.  The disturbing part of the workout was where a creepy guy from the gym was evidently staring at me while I was doing squats.  Mike was pretty pissed—he had us move to another part of the gym (He didn’t say anything to the guy, but I think he wanted to?  I don’t really know, I kind of missed the whole thing.)  I guess that’s the problem when you lose weight and look awesome when you work out—gross balding creeping guys might stare at you.  Then again, seriously gross balding creeping guys, we women need to work out too.  If that happens again, be sure that me or one of the trainers will report you to gym management for creepy staring!

I haven’t been nearly as flexible as during my Bikram Yoga weeks…maybe I’ll need to attend another class.  I will, I think…plus, it is very warm in the class, and it’s cold outside, good reason, right?

Wish me luck tomorrow—I am planning to do my long run in the morning because Sunday is supposed to be really cold and tomorrow isn’t quite as cold.  I would prefer not to run 8 miles on the treadmill…then again, it might rain tomorrow.  So that’s why I need luck.

Chris and I went to Dressel’s for dinner.  It was wonderful!!  We split the chips with rarebit and I had pasta with a mushroom sauce.  I also had the green goddess salad because I felt guilty about not having enough veggies with my dinner—I love green goddess dressing.  (Is that a St. Louis thing?)

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this somewhat random post!  I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to some good times and great performances!