Quick update: HBBC and TV!

This is the last day of the “Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.”  Now, yes, I find the name totally embarrassing, but it was a great challenge to keep track of all my workouts and to eat more fruits and vegetables.  My total is 239.8.  I think that’s pretty good!  Thanks to Amanda for putting on a great challenge!  AND I didn’t really gain weight over the holidays…maybe some temporary weight but as of two days ago, totally back to pre-Thanksgiving weight. 

Reminder:  Tomorrow morning I will be on television with Chamber Project St. Louis.  We are on the Fox2 morning show at 7 am (Central time).  I’ll be the one playing the violin.  I am also performing with them on a Sunday afternoon concert at the Siteman Cancer Center. 

Today’s lunch:  Sweet Art on 39th Street.  I met my friend Melissa and we both had lentil soup and sandwiches with artichokes and sundried tomatoes.  The wait was long, but worth it!  The cupcakes were very good, though I hear 2011 is the year for pie.  Nobody told the Sweet Art people that.