Race Expo!

I convinced Chris to take a short practice break and head down to the race expo (for Sunday’s Go! St Louis Half Marathon) with me today.  It was at the Chaifetz Arena on Compton, just a few minutes from my house.  We lucked out and got street parking, saving the $5.


It was very easy to get my bib—I had already memorized my race number (13325) so I just told them, showed my ID, and easy-peasy.  Then we went down the hall and entered the expo area.  It was on the floor of the arena.  I got my t shirt and a reusable shopping bag, and went searching for a free samples.  There were a few—lara bars, icy hot, rice, granola, 5 hour energy—but not as many as in Phoenix.  There were also several shop areas, but I had recently done some online shopping (got three pairs of running shorts today, actually, woo-hoo!) so I resisted any temptation.  (I prefer online shopping rather than dealing with people…surprise.) Good thing to know:  bring your boyfriend to collect extra lara bars and other samples!  Then he just gives them to you anyway.

We were in and out in about 30 to 40 minutes.  It was well run and not at all crowded (yet…) at 2:30 on Friday, but didn’t grab my attention that much.  Oh well!  I took a few pictures.




My name on the race number, yay!


Didn’t everybody get an adorable kitty cat?


Very nice reusable shopping bag—I can use it for hauling around my doughnuts!

Before the expo today, I had a nice upper body workout with Mike.  My legs are resting in anticipation of my super fast running on Sunday…I really want to break 2:30…wish me luck!


I should memorize this, I guess!  If I stare at it long enough, it’ll make those 11 minute miles easier…right?  RIGHT?

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