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I was reading a friend’s blog this morning (food, sweat, and beers) and learned that there is an ad campaign from DeBeers encouraging women to get diamond rings for themselves for their right hand.

So, what if you play the violin and wear your "I love you" ring on your right hand?  Does that mean that he loves me and I love me too?  I’m so confused…advertisers and diamond companies, please help!

I have a new adult student, who is married, wears her rings on her left hand like "normal" people.  The other day I kept hearing weird plucking noises (the e-string) from her.  I asked, what is that noise?  She says, oh sorry, my ring keeps turning.

And that, my friends, is definitively why I wear my rings on my ring hand.  Can’t have weird noises coming from the violin. 


My sister Leslie and I, both amazing violinists.  Note also her short nails. 

For the layperson:  One of the funniest things about being an instrumental musician is when you are clothes shopping and you find something neat.  And then you or your friend says, but can you play in it?  And you start waving your arms around, or maybe feeling the left shoulder to see if it bumps or does something that will be annoying.  Plus then there’s the problem of earrings, and necklaces, bracelets and watches are a no, short skirts can be a huge problem, long skirts too…even the shoes you wear must be taken into account.  Every instrument has its own limitations. 

Did I say funniest things?  I meant most annoying.

So the fact that I wear my rings on my right hand really says, first, I love the violin. 

3 thoughts on “Raise your right hand”

  1. I take my ring off when I work with ground meat or other gross things, and then I got to put it back on I always forget which hand it goes on. Probably because I’m retarded.

  2. Whenever I buy new clothes I pretend I’m photographing someone- I end up on my knees a lot and if the outfit doesn’t give me flexibility I can’t buy it!
    Oh the things we do for our art!

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