Reading List

I have a ridiculously wonderful reading list right now. Thanks to my Kindle, I’ve got TONS of free classics on there.  I have started to read “War and Peace” first…am I crazy?  Since my resolution was to read one classic a month, I thought I’d start big, plus Gretchen Rubin (of “The Happiness Project”) recommended it.  It’s pretty overwhelming.  However, the kindle tells me exactly how far I am.  I’m 18 % done already!  (I am a fast reader).  I think some of the war stuff is going over my head though, and I wish I had a bit more historical reference.  (Any suggestions to help?)

What else is on the list?  Well, the Ed Kreitman books I’ve mentioned before about teaching violin.  Next is the book for the book club  Mrs. Q on “fed up with school lunch” is starting—“Free For All :Fixing School Lunch in America”.  I’ve also added two books from a recent Gretchen Rubin post to the list:   “The Truth About Grief…” by Ruth Davis Konigsberg and “The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion.  After that (unless it’s February already) I’ll probably read some light fiction—I love mysteries and got a few free kindle books.  I also got “The Hunger Games” for $5. 

If it’s February I’ll be onto my next classic and my next career related book (to be determined). 

I really love to read–if you hadn’t picked up on that.  I will read anything and everything, and I read quickly.  I have always loved to read, and I imagine will always love it.  The Kindle is great because it fits in my purse and I can have several books (many, many) with me at all times.  I don’t have to worry about finishing a book and not having something else to start on.

Random thoughts:  I recall we were supposed to underline book titles.  I presume it’s okay not to do that now, as I hardly ever see that online.  Perhaps it’s still required for formal papers.  I hear that you aren’t supposed to double space after periods anymore.  Did you know I learned to type on an actual typewriter? 

Do you love to have a reading list or a stack of books waiting to be read or does it stress you out?  I’d love to hear from my readers.