Reception, Part 1



Our place settings


The cake topper



The two different centerpieces


The place card table


My bouquet


The Centennial Ballroom at Moulin


The view from our seats.


One of the tables


The guest book


The BBQ Bacon wrapped Shrimp

After the ceremony, we took some family group pictures, and then Chris and I had a few moments alone upstairs in the Lafayette Room.  We sat down, had a drink and ate some snacks.  During that time our guests were enjoying the cocktail hour and hearing some jazz piano music.  After a bit we went to join them.  Shortly thereafter, we were taken back out in order to be brought back in for introductions, cake cutting, and our first dance. 


Introductions!  Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tantillo are in the house.  (Sorry.)

Tantillo444 Tantillo445



Leslie had given us some engraved forks to use for the cake cutting, so we did.  We hadn’t thought about the cake cutting in advance at all, and as a result we were a little taken aback realizing we didn’t actually have a good idea of how to cut a piece together!  Chris thought we just had to cut one cut, and I (knew, haha) that we needed to cut the whole piece.  It was awkward holding the knife together—note to future brides and grooms:  practice this!  Get lots of cake cutting practice. 

Next came our first dance.  We also don’t really dance—only at weddings.

We chose Frank Sinatra’s "Fly Me to the Moon" for our dance.

Tantillo452 Tantillo453

After we danced (which was not so bad after all—I was pretty terrified but it was just fine) we had the band invite people to join us on the dance floor.  Yes, we had a live 7 piece band called Galaxy.  They were great!

Tantillo454 Tantillo457

Chris’s parents danced, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen joined us.

After the dancing finished, I grabbed Leslie and we went to switch my veil for a hairpiece (that came with my dress) and to pin up the bustle of the dress.  I was a little disappointed to realize the bustle didn’t entirely take care of the train, but at this point, oh well, who cares!  One of the flowers was coming loose too, but I figured by now most of the pictures were done so it just didn’t matter any more…


The hairpiece


Our place cards


Next:  Dinner and Toasts! 

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  1. I’ve been following your wedding posts like it is a serial novel! I just wanted to say congratulations to you both. You look absolutely beautiful, and you both couldn’t look happier in these pictures. <3

  2. Hannah, I love your blog! thanks for sharing your pictures – they are wonderful! you look so beautiful! Congrats to you and Chris – I’m so happy for you both!

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