Reception, Part 2

After the first dance, we had some "milling about" time until dinner (we had asked for approximately 30 minutes.)  I think this worked out fairly well because people were able to work up a little bit of an appetite again.  The downside was that we didn’t really have enough dancing time (we probably could have used another 30 to 60 minutes of time…) but that’s okay.  I’m over it.

For the toasts, our fathers were giving toasts and also Leslie and Dave. 


My dad went first and set the bar.  It was hilarious.

Tantillo535 Tantillo536

Chris’s dad did a wonderful job and went for something a bit more sentimental. 

Tantillo537 Tantillo539

Leslie was funny as well, and very modern in her use of an iphone for her notes.



Dave went last.  Everybody did a wonderful job—they were all hilarious.  Our friends and family are a bunch of comedians!

Tantillo547 Tantillo527

After the toasts, dinner was served (well, continued to be.)

MenuTantillo552 Tantillo553 Tantillo554 Tantillo560

It was all delicious!  I had the salmon.

The bread was really good too.  One time Chris had gotten up and I reached across his drink to get a piece of bread.  Dave witnessed me dropping the bread into his drink and then quickly fishing it out, right before Chris sat back down.  Oops.


After dinner came dessert and more dancing…I will share a few more pictures with you in my next post, Reception, part 3.  After that it’ll be a quick wrap up and at some point in the near future I’ll be telling you about the honeymoon!  (By then it’ll be anniversary time, hahahahahahahahaha!)

If you’re absolutely sick of my wedding and can’t wait for me to get back to regular posts where I talk about…myself…well, that will be soon.  I promise!  (I plomise.)

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