Relaxing Tuesday

This blog post is up, but I am not (hopefully!).  After a crazy weekend of social engagements (parties), work, running, a full Monday of teaching (from 9 am to 7:30 pm)…Tuesday is basically a day off.  I’ll be adding something in the spring, but today is simply ONE student.  And not even that many errands!  Just post office, groceries (maybe), prep for the weekend’s wedding, and a three mile run.  And some practicing of course.

I’m writing this on Monday night, and I’m utterly exhausted.  Sunday night we were invited to a friend’s birthday party, and Monday night was a “Pumpkin party” which I just got home from.  It was great–so many foods made of pumpkin (pumpkin enchiladas, for instance!) and pumpkin carving, plus one guest brought a two week old baby…dressed as a pumpkin (so cute!!).  I didn’t carve a pumpkin, but some people were doing really intricate things with theirs.  I did bring the aforementioned Pumpkin Blondies, which were delicious.  It was a nice gathering, but after Sunday night out, Friday night out, etc, I look forward to a night IN. (I also have some tv to catch up on.)

After so many invitations, Chris and I are discussing how we need to host a gathering/party.  I’m planning a cookie exchange party in early December (date tba), but that would be small and girls only.  We might do something in the late winter/early spring…I feel like as we get into the holiday season our schedules will be too packed to host an event, but maybe after the holidays.  We’ll see, I guess–he and I are great “grand idea” people, but not so great on “follow-up” 😉