Rest and ice

Part I:

That’s what I’m supposed to do to my leg (right leg, near the ankle) for the next few days.  Rest and ice.  Compression and elevation optional.  No running.  I guess I need to somehow embrace the elliptical machine for the next few days.  I need to lose THREE more pounds to win the contest.  Yes, it’s still going on.  Yes, somehow, against all odds, I’m still winning.  (Does little happy dance)


This has been a fun week though, besides not being able to run.  Even though Chris gave me a hard time for going out with friends a bunch when he was gone, since we’ve been back we’ve been out every night!  We’ve been to Pi Pizzeria, 33 Wine Bar and The Royale, and tonight are having dinner at Franco and then meeting friends at the International Tap House.


We went to the gym together—I was working out with Mike and Chris was just spying on me (he claims that’s not what he was doing, but he made fun of my burpee form later so I know better.)  On the way home we saw this truck.


I was delighted. 

Part II:

One of the fun things about getting married is the gifts and showers, right?  My sisters are throwing me a shower at the end of the month and the invites are already out (and ladies, let’s rsvp, okay? Leslie is starting to worry…).  AND I’ve gotten (excuse me, I mean we?) a couple gifts.  I’m so excited (is it weird to show gift pictures on my blog before I send the thank you notes?  Rest assured thank you notes are forthcoming…we bought an obscene amount of thank you notes at Target today.)

I won’t say who the gifts are from, but the givers know, and I am loving everything so far.  You guys are amazing.

IMG_0675 IMG_0677 IMG_0679

First gift from C & B, a beautiful wooden cutting board!  And a cocktail shaker, sweet…now I need a good key-lime martini recipe to make in it.  Anyone??

Chris heads to Vegas tomorrow for his "bachelor party".  I use the quotes because it’s still so far away from our wedding, but he is meeting up with 6 of his good friends and they plan to do a lot of golfing and other Vegas style activities.  I told him to NOT feel like he had to call, and in fact, to not call.  I’m awesome that way.  You’d think I was really low maintenance and not actually crazy. 

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And on a more serious note, my friends are still in critical need of your thoughts and prayers.  Here’s the link to Andrew and Alicia’s progress.  I think of them all the time.