Retreat day 3

Can you believe it’s June already?  I feel old when I say things like that. 


So it’s the third day of the online virtual pretend summer retreat.  Yesterday was all about sleep, and I generally get plenty of sleep so I felt good about that one.  Today is about my diet. 

On day #3, the main goal is just to cultivate an awareness of what/when you are eating and think about how your diet is serving you.

It’s very interesting timing because my trainer’s weight loss competition started yesterday.  I’m attempting to lose 12 pounds in the next two months or so.  I’ve been eating pretty healthfully, and I know (hypothetically) what I need to cut out of my diet to lose weight (or minimize, at least, i.e. cheese and alcohol.)  If I win the competition I get a free month of training…

The recommendation is to "play food blogger" for a day and keep track of everything I eat.  I am supposed to be keeping a food diary (not like the food diaries from my "trips out west" in middle school where ice cream was served at 10 am and turkey sandwiches shortly after and then bedtime…then again, perhaps a very similar idea…) and while I haven’t officially started keeping a food diary yet, perhaps today will be a good day to start.  I will not be blogging that, however.  You don’t get to see what I eat in a day, sorry.  None of your damned business.

(I know if I want to lose weight that I will go to bed hungry.  That is just how it works.  The question is am I ready for that, and can I work out and run the way I want to if I am going to bed hungry?  And don’t say, oh that’s not healthy.  That’s how it works for me.  And yes, I embrace that feeling of hunger.)

Next comes the Michael Pollan book suggestion.  I haven’t read "In Defense of Food" but I did follow the link to the 12 commandments of eating (and I love so it was a win-win).  Follow this link!  I know I should read it, but I read "The Omnivore’s Dilemma" and found him to be somewhat insufferable and pretentious.  Sorry.  I just can’t.

Perhaps I’ll try the meditation idea for lunch (– for one meal, try to go without media/entertainment –) I generally read while eating (if I am alone) and I suppose no harm is done to try to simply eat.  


Happy Wednesday!