Rock and Roll Course Revealed

This morning I was excited to see that the course for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon was in the “paper” (by that I mean I saw it on twitter and went to the website).

The race is on October 23 here in St Louis.  Here’s the link to the article about the course.


It’s a nice course, I think, and it’s different that the Go! course from April which is awesome, since I am still pretty scarred from that.  What’s funny is that now I’ve run in much hotter weather, though not as far, but still, I would probably do FINE if the race were held today.  And maybe Jen wouldn’t have almost died.  Grrr.  I love that the course goes really near my house though!

It’ll be my second rock and roll race of the year (the first being P.F. Chang’s Excellent Tempe Phoenix Rock and Roll Adventure…or something like that…) which means I’ll also (upon completion) get another medal for doing two in one year.  I’m VERY fancy like that!


Anyway, so I’m excited!  I would post it on facebook…but I’m on facebook break.  Honestly it hasn’t been so bad, and in some ways being away from facebook has been a relief.  Yes, I’ve stepped up my twittering, but I think that’s okay.

In other news, I have a blister like thing on the bottom of my foot.  I decided to do a treadmill walking workout last night, just something easy, and ended up hurting my foot so I can’t run today.  I remember it hurt while walking but I dismissed it as my foot callous needing to get built up again (which is probably true) and then decided I would be more hard core if I just pushed through the pain.  Which was probably pretty stupid, but I don’t believe any lasting harm was done.  Honestly I should have taken yesterday as a rest day, but I felt guilty since I had done that on Saturday as well, and plus seem to have gained a pound this week…and I just wasn’t thinking terribly clearly.  Besides, it was just walking.  Stupid blisters.