Rock and Roll Expo

This morning Jen and I went to the Rock and Roll Expo.  I originally wanted to go yesterday because I hate crowds, but my work schedule made it impossible.  I would have taken pictures inside but I was just busy trying not to trample over small children…(yes, I genuinely hate crowds…they make me stabby…)

We ran into Maddie on our way out.  She’s running the full tomorrow, good luck to her!

I was disappointed by the lack of free samples.  There were some, but not too many.  I wanted some of that odd creamsicle tasting stuff we tried in Phoenix.  There was a really tasty protein powder that I got a couple samples of, and the snickers marathon bars are always good, though I have a sneaking suspicion they really are just candy bars.

(I know I’m totally spoiled for race expos since my first ever was for Rock and Roll Phoenix.  I’ll have to run that again in a year I think.  But it was my first expo and it was huge!)

And the shirt…what’s with every race this month having white shirts?

Okay, I’m done complaining.

*obligatory photos*



Jen thought the shirts were really ugly, but I kind of like the skyline (maybe it’s my obsession with the skyline)…I just wish it were a different color than white, like a pale blue would have been nice.

Oh well.  I said I was done complaining!  I’m off to make a recording for the Ocarina Trio.  Then a wedding.  Then dinner with Jen…tomorrow I will be a rock star.


On a sad note, my great aunt Wilma passed away three days ago.  She was 101, according to the paper.  She was my maternal grandmother’s sister.

Here’s a link to her obituary.  She lived along the drive between my two sets of grandparents, in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and when we were younger we would drive from one to the other over the holidays, and stop at Aunt Wilma’s for lunch.  She was always ecstatic to see us and would give us tons of cookies and other sweets people had given her for Christmas. Later, when I played with the Youngstown Symphony while I was in college, she came to one of my concerts.  I remember it was hard for her to get around then.  It’s amazing to think of how much she lived through.

May we all have long full lives!

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