Though I’ve fallen a bit off of the “fitness wagon” I’ve been trying to get back on. Life is hard like that, isn’t it? In any case, there was a time in my life that I was a big runner…it was a short time, but it was a good time. I think I’ll keep at it, especially since the New York Times says 1 hour of running adds 7 hours to your life. Maybe I’ll run a marathon someday.

I’ve set a goal to run the Halloween 10K this year! Anybody in with me?


Upcoming Races:


October 22: Go! Halloween 10k

Here are links to the recaps of races I did and some of my favorites in the past:


April 11: Go St Louis Mississippi River 7K


October 18: St Louis Rock and Rock Half Marathon

October 11: Go! Halloween Half 2:54:13


October 5: MO Cowbell Half

June 16: All-American 5k

April 6: Go St Louis Half Marathon

February 8: Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Run 46:58


November 28: Turkey Day 5k (Phoenix) 41:20

April 7:  Go St Louis Half Marathon

January 20:  Phoenix Rock and Roll Half Marathon 2:36:58


November 10:  The Skippo 20k Trail Run 3:24:28

October 7:  Mo’ Cowbell Half Marathon 2:39:40

May 19:  Benton Park 5k “Reclaiming the 80s” 33:38

February 25:  Castlewood Cup 2:10:11

February 18:  Truffle Shuffle 4 miler 42:03


December 17:  Reindeer Run 5K 28:55 (PR)

October 23:  Rock and Rock St Louis Half Marathon 2:25:49 (PR)

October 16:  Go! Halloween 10k 1:05:44 (PR)

October 2:  MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon 2:41:22

May 14:  Benton Park 5k “Reclaiming the 80s” 31:11

April 10:  Go! St Louis Half-Marathon 2:42:02

January 16:  P.F. Chang’s Rock n Roll Phoenix Half-Marathon 2:46:07


October 30: Race to Cure Lymphoma 33:04

October 16:  Pumpkin Brew Run III 36:15

October 3:  Lewis and Clark Half-Marathon 2:57:33

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