Running Tuesday


I saw this today—I couldn’t help but giggle at the acronym “bro”.  And I also couldn’t help but take a picture. 

I ran 9 miles today.  I found a loop that goes around the park and then the botanical gardens and is approximately 4.5 miles.  Perfect!  Part of the loop was on a dirt path by the gardens and that was a nice change.  I ran most of the way, only walking to drink some water or nuun.  I feel pretty awesome right now! (and my calves are sore.)


Tall Mom started this challenge for the month.  I added up the mileage for my training plans for the month and I should surpass that if I manage to follow it (unlikely, but there’s wiggle room), so I signed on.  9 down!  It works out to 3 miles a day—walking or running.

I got part of the outfits Jen and plan to wear for the St Patrick’s Day race—obviously there will be pictures later, after the race.  I’m trying to convince Chris to come cheer us on, since it’s downtown, nearby and all.  And also trying to convince more people to run the race.  Anybody want to join us?  Should be great fun!