Salmon Frazer

I have a great recipe for salmon to share with you today. Please pin my picture since I went to the trouble of making it.

Oh, a quick follow up from yesterday’s post: Leslie thought that I took her quote out of context. I do that sometimes—after all, don’t all writers take liberties with that sort of thing? But I will quickly clarify the context:

Scenario: I am at Powell Hall. I am with a friend, and we run into another mutual friend. Then another person who is friends with said mutual friend comes up, and we all get introduced. That fourth person says, oh, you’re Hannah VIOLIN—I just sent you cat pictures! Later my friend says, I can’t believe you have blog readers you don’t even know—how weird is that?! (That’s a whole ‘nother story, because while I love you all, my dear anonymous and unknown blog readers, it is always weird meeting you—but don’t let that stop you from introducing yourselves!) While recounting the story to Leslie she suggested that perhaps it was because my blog is so boring, who would want to read it. ..

Hmm… I feel like clarifying the context of her quote doesn’t really help make it sound like she wasn’t accusing my blog of being boring…but I already said that was okay, and that she was right.

And no, not everything people tell me is subject to being on the blog, just stuff that is unimportant (like this story) or obviously not private. I think I do an okay job of adhering to boundaries.

But I promised you a salmon recipe. It’s barely a recipe, but it’s delicious!


It’s called Salmon Frazer because it’s a copycat recipe from a delicious dish by that name from one of my favorite restaurants: Frazer’s. My friend Jen gave me the recipe.

Salmon Frazer:

Take a piece of salmon. Put 1/8 inch creamy horseradish on top, then 1/8 inch of finely food processed salted/roasted almonds, and a squeeze of lemon. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 350 degrees.

I don’t measure 1/8 inch, and I like the almonds a little less finely processed. I also tried it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes and that worked well (maybe better as it’s a shorter cooking time.)

Anyway, I’ve made this dish several times now. The things that you want to be careful of are just not putting too much of the creamy horseradish on because there is a fine line between delicious and BURNING. Go make this for dinner tonight.


(this is pre-cooking, I believe)

Another thing I thought might be helpful to do while telling you folks about my life is to follow up on things and admit weaknesses. I was supposed to go to a yoga blogger thing this morning. I did not make it. One of my weaknesses is getting up in the morning, and that just didn’t happen. Related: how do I get the cat to stop knocking everything off the bedside table in the night? Everything meaning: glasses, alarm clock, and phone.

I also considered running this morning, but my foot is FINALLY feeling good today and I thought, you know what, let’s a) be lazy and b) be smart and let it heal another day or so.

It’s easy to read what people post online and assume they are doing hunky-dory, or that they don’t have the same problems (or worse) that you do, isn’t it? Or maybe you read my blog and say WHEW at least I’m not as lazy and unmotivated as Hannah is. But obviously we try to blog about our happy and fun moments rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of life.

I’m not sure what point I’m trying to make here, honestly. Just that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet I guess. But you CAN believe that the salmon dish is delicious and tasty, so go make it.

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  1. Lots going on here so I will summarize by saying your blog is not boring because you have kitty pics! Although you missed putting one up today. :/

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