Saturday evening links randomness

I wanted to share some awesome links with you.  If you are bored, like I am, I recommend reading them!  (If you are a facebook friend of mine some of these will not be new to you.  Sorry.  I have to recycle my material sometimes.)

Firstly, a sad story about a friendless hedgehog.  If that doesn’t make your cold, black, heart grow…well, then nothing will. (thanks to Sarah for the link).

Here’s another great story from Sarah:  Tips for Single Ladies from 1938.  Some things never change! (That being that people are always trying to give advice).

Perhaps you’ve heard about the cicadas taking over St Louis?  Wonder how great moments in history would have sounded with cicadas?  No?  I recommend checking it out anyway.

This is less funny, but very interesting.  Did you know that women pass judgment on someone within 20 seconds of meeting them?  Does it take us that long? 

Next a youtube video.  Legend of Zelda for a cappella voices and violin.  Greatest thing ever.

Here’s one I lol-ed at from the onion.  Work Friend Accidentally Becomes Real Friend.  Hopefully that will never happen to me.

Here’s another good one, about a pitcher having trouble making his parents understand a no-hitter is still pretty good.  Any of you who have parents with high, exacting standards will appreciate that.

How about this?  A violin playing hitchhiker.  Just like that guy from Field of Dreams, I think.

Okay, all these links made me think of this video of a sheep wearing a mask.  It’s a few years old, but I still snickered.

And now for some random pictures that make me laugh (or cry):





And of course…(the greatest picture ever)…