Saturday evening thoughts

Today I am thankful that I had a weekend without a wedding!  Ordinarily I am happy to play weddings, but it’s definitely nice to have a weekend off–I enjoyed judging the SIUE competition and hearing some really hard-working/talented students play.  But it’s nice to have a break!  In fact, I only have a few more weddings this year, which means I’ll have a couple more weekends off (not next weekend though), so I have that to be thankful for as well.  Basically it means that wedding season is over, and I’ll have easier weekends until April!

What to do with all my “free” weekend time?  Well, obviously the time will easily be filled.  I’ll never have those weekends other people have, where they have two days stretched out with nothing scheduled.  People are jealous when they find out I have random days/mornings off during the week, but I don’t think people really realize that I simply never have weekends off. For instance, today I judged a competition for four hours.  Including my commute, that was 5 1/2 hours.  It was fun, but I’m just pointing that out to you.  It wasn’t an afternoon spent at the mall or hiking 😉

What else am I doing this weekend?  I have dinner plans with a friend tonight–I have been hanging onto a Groupon for Yemanja Brasil and Chris doesn’t really like it, so I’ve enlisted my friend Melissa.  I have been there two or three times before and really enjoy the food, and the caipirinhas are fantastic also.

Tomorrow will be very fun!  A few weeks ago I signed Chris and I up for a class at the Kitchen Conservatory in Clayton.  The class is called “Grown-ups Mac and Cheese.”  We will learn how to make three different kinds of mac and cheese, salad, and sorbet.  I am really looking forward to it.  After that we head to a friend’s housewarming party. It’ll be a big day of food…luckily I will have run six miles or so beforehand 🙂

And then…just two more days until vacation!