So…I wrote about our concert with Chamber Project St Louis this Friday here.

Then I went to rehearsal and our saxophone player, Adrianne, was upset by the line “and some other stuff too.”  I should have mentioned the other stuff too!  (I hope she wasn’t actually upset and was only a little ticked at me, because I certainly meant no offense…)

Anyway.  I’m a violinist.  Of course I love the Brahms and Martinu most.  And I’m not even on one of the pieces.  But Adrianne is an amazing classical saxophonist, a rare breed really, and if you like saxophone, or, frankly, if you DON’T like saxophone, you’ll love her performances.  She does some amazing stuff with the instrument.


Friday night, 8 pm.  Last big concert of the season, and you won’t want to miss it!  Besides which, Chris and I are playing together, that’s a rare enough occurrence!

We’re all rehearsing like mad.  Please don’t ask how my shoulder feels.  We’re just putting everything on hold until after this Friday the 13th.  But I went to the gym tonight and it was great to be back.

Question:  is it okay to wear the amazing polka dot dress again or is it too soon?