Seen any good movies lately?

Because I haven’t.

We went to see “In Time” the other night.  The premise looked really interesting and fairly unique.

It wasn’t good.  It started strong, but became predictable and poorly acted.  Oh well!  And I didn’t like JT in the Social Network either, just for the record.

I had an argument with somebody yesterday over whether Titanic deserved all those Oscar nods.

Regular readers of my blog (and friends) know how I feel about this.  (Titanic is the greatest movie of all time.  Or at least up there.)

I hear that “Moneyball” is good, and also “The Ides of March.”  Here’s something awkward:  I haven’t seen “The King’s Speech” yet…it doesn’t seem to be available on Blockbuster on demand, and that’s the easiest way for us to get movies (through the tivo)…anybody want to lend me the DVD?  I also have a netflix movie “The Frisco Kid” sitting on my tv from a friend, that I really really need to watch and return.

On the entertainment note:  Burn Notice and Covert Affairs are new this week.  I also watch Parenthood, Psych, Dexter, and the Office.

What about you?  Seen any good movies lately?  What’s your favorite (current) television show?  Want to send me a copy of the King’s Speech?

6 thoughts on “Seen any good movies lately?”

  1. Oh my goodness!! I almost want to go buy the King’s Speech so I can lend it to you!!
    I have not seen any movies lately. I won two tickets on the radio… too busy! 🙁
    My sister just saw 50/50 and demands that everyone see it (sobbing included)
    I am looking forward to watching Chuck on Friday. That is like a movie for me 🙂

  2. I haven’t watched many movies lately and nothing that I can think of that was worth writing home about. BUT…I absolutely hated The King’s Speech. I know that is an extremely unpopular opinion but I felt like it was boring and contrived (and I like both British literature/films and period pieces FWIW). I fell asleep the first time we “watched” it and then I tried to watch it again on a long flight and still found it painfully dull. I hate saying all of that b/c I love Colin Firth and have a weird crush on him but it just didn’t do it for me, unforuntately.

    Dexter is “appointment TV” in our house. I also like Hung, Grey’s Anatomy and have a strange fascination with Sister Wives…

  3. i saw Midnight in Paris in the theater over the summer, i’d recommend that for a rent, although looks like its not out on DVD quite yet.

  4. I love love love Psych…Dexter, Revenge is becoming a new favorite. Dying to see Crazy Stupid Love. Haven’t seen the Kings Speech. We had it from Netflix for like 2 months and never got around to it!

  5. I just saw Paris, Je t’aime which I enjoyed very much. Sometimes collections of shorts can be hard to stomach but these are all such wonderful ditties and it’s cool to see all the different neighborhoods of Paris. Another one I enjoyed recently was Crazyheart. Didn’t expect it to be so moving but I found it surprisingly uncontrived. And Jeff Bridges…come on. I can also recommend a quirky one called The Weatherman. Its deadpan, self-deprecating humor had me laughing out loud at times. By myself.

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