Shameless self promotion and I ran over a tree

I was interviewed for an online magazine called Regale and I realized I forgot to tell you!

regale magazine

Screen grab of one of the pages—I cut off some of the bloggers who were interviewed in the interest of time—starts on page 42 here.

This morning Sarah Crowder (my wedding photographer, collaborator, and friend) stopped by with a surprise thank you gift for some things I’ve helped her with.  Metal pictures that are ready for the wall!


I’d been wanting that black and white one for awhile, and the other one is awesome too. Except my husband now has a full beard…this doesn’t do the pictures justice of course, but they are super shiny and wonderful!  Thanks Sarah!!

Seriously love this photo.

And that’s the other one. Sigh. Where did my arm muscles go?

Sorry, I got distracted by my wedding pictures. Where was I? Oh right, I was going to tell you guys about my car.

So yesterday on the way to the airport I thought I had a flat tire and so I pulled over—it was making a horrific noise that sounded like a flat (and since I had one in the fall, I knew what that sounded like!). Chris came and traded cars so I could get her to the airport (note to readers, he and I can never go on the Amazing Race as we do not deal with stressful situations in a TV-friendly way) and drove mine the shorter distance home. He said it was fine on the drive home, so I was totally confused. I mean, it had sounded horrible!

I knew I needed to get it checked out, so I took it into the shop today, dropped it off and went to the gym (today was upper body day—lots of shoulders and chest—totally bench-pressed the bar PLUS weight which made me feel super hard core). After the gym I expected to have news on what the damage was…I called them back and they said I must have run over a tree. As in, there had been about a 4 foot branch stuck in the undercarriage of my car which was causing all the problems. They pulled it all out, and BOOM it was fixed. I was so thrilled because I was anticipating a much larger problem.

I don’t actually recall driving over a huge branch, but maybe I did. Or maybe it was sabotage.

I guess it’s like they say in Titanic: “Women and machinery don’t mix.”

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