Okay, got all that silly vacation stuff out of the way.  Back to the real world here.  So, now I’ve come down with a nasty cold, I’m on day 4 of it and it is really annoying me!  I am now able to function well enough to work, but I missed two whole days earlier this week.  Just when I was ready to get back into the swing of things…

We played for two weddings today.  The first one we almost missed due to horrendous traffic.  It was at the World’s Fair Pavilion, which is about ten to fifteen minutes from my house.  I allowed 40 minutes…and it took over an hour to get there.  Luckily the photographer was running even later than the musicians (and the bride had only just arrived) and it just started late.  I felt bad, but I don’t know WHY the traffic was so awful.  Labor Day Weekend, I suppose.  Wedding number two was very nice and uneventful.  The bride’s mother was very sweet and came over to hug us afterwards.  (I wanted to warn her away due to my cold but didn’t have a chance!)

Tomorrow I am ATTENDING  a wedding.  A good friend of Chris’s is getting married tomorrow.  I hope I feel better!  I haven’t been to the gym in five days (not being able to breathe properly/at all really messes that up 🙁 ) and I really don’t feel great moving around at all.  Gah.  Perhaps by tomorrow evening this will all be behind me.

My new school classes start on Wednesday.  I am nervous but excited.  I have met some of the students but not all, and I look forward to getting to know them better.  I have a little preparation to do beforehand that I’ve been putting off until I feel better…I might just need to forge ahead and do some things today.

Happy Labor Day to everyone!