Silence is a tough one

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have a “day of silence” on their blogs today.  It’s a nice gesture, in light of current events.  I’m not doing it because silence has never been something I’m good at.  Plus, it’s not technically a day of silence if you post about it being a day of silence, is it?

(And I don’t believe that silence and prayer is the answer to our nation’s problem. I’ll leave it at that.)

That said…just a few things from the weekend. 

age group winner

Leslie won her age group in a race over the weekend.  Frosty’s 10 mile Run—1:31:50.  Very speedy lady.  As you can see she got a medal!  Her husband suggested she pose like that…she had a better picture of herself eating the medal on instagram but she didn’t text me that one.  I’ll add it later if I can. 

I can, I can!  She felt like maybe this wasn’t a big deal as there weren’t many people entered, but I disagree.  This, other than getting married, is perhaps Leslie’s greatest accomplishment!


Anyway, congrats to her, she’s pretty awesome!


We went to the circus!  (Circus Flora performed with the Symphony.)  And then, even more fun, at a party later we met one of the performers—he did “the straps” which involves going up really high in the air and doing all kinds of acrobatics.  His routine involved an umbrella.  It was so cool to meet a person in the circus and to ask ridiculous questions like, “how does it feel to follow your dreams?”  Yeah, somebody actually asked that.  It’s particularly funny when you know that this was a party full of musicians, and we were all thrilled to learn about somebody who followed their dreams…


And then there’s this…

3 thoughts on “Silence is a tough one”

  1. I went to the Y98 Acoustic Mistletoe Show on Friday and took the Metro downtown. They still had a flyer up from when you played on the train 😉

    1. Oops- *Saturday was the show. I’m done with classes and not working yet so all my days run together. Hard life, I know…

  2. I agree with you. Silence and prayer don’t bring the kids back, or prevent future tragedies, or help people who are suffering from mental illness. I work with some clientele who are very very ill. I see it every single day and I see how hard they struggle (many of them are psychotic or schizophrenic and hearing voices) and they don’t have access to good help or resources. Instead of silence, we should be trying to change this.

    Thanks for speaking up. As you can see, I don’t do silence well, either. 🙂
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