I did NOT make that word up.  I read it somewhere.  Sorry.

I spent all day at home today, due to the sleet and such.  The much hyped, much warned about snow (and follow up end of the world) never came…though it could still snow overnight.  In fact we may all wake up to an inch or two of snow!  (I do realize the rest of the state got significant amounts.)

I’m starting to feel like I don’t actually work.  Tomorrow morning’s school is canceled, and I imagine that tomorrow afternoon’s teaching will likely be canceled also. The gym even closed today—I had to miss an appointment with Mike *shakes fist at weather*  (I did a workout video instead). 

I don’t mind SOME snow days, but this is getting ridiculous.  Did I mention I do not get paid if I don’t teach?  And again, I don’t mind the occasionally day off, but between my trip to Phoenix and this week…well, I really haven’t worked much since Christmas break.  No wonder I was able to finish War and Peace.  I have only seen some of the students once or twice—I miss them!

I had thought about doing some cookie baking today, but decided that would be a detriment to my “lose weight this month” goal.  Instead I thawed some pumpkin chocolate chip bread from the freezer and had a small piece as a snack.  Basically I read a lot, watched some movies, and wasted much of the day on the internet.  I also did a fair amount of paperwork and cleaning.

I did NOT practice or do any wrist activities (i.e. push-ups or downward facing dog)—I’m still recovering.  My wrist feels much better but I don’t want to risk hurting it again.  I’ve been wearing my smaller wrist brace for much of the day.  I think after it heals I’ll still want to wear a wristband—maybe I can get a cool spiked one?  I would feel very tough.



(what I would want)


(what I would probably end up with)

Maybe tomorrow I’ll venture outside and take some pictures of the weather!  That would require putting on CLOTHES and (gasp) SHOES, but perhaps I can manage that.  I’d really love to get to the gym and run a few miles (or 5?).  I guess we’ll see what happens overnight with the weather.   We are still under a BLIZZARD WARNING (which I keep reading as BUZZARD warning everytime I see it.)

How’s the weather where you are?  Did any readers experience this recent storm?

3 thoughts on “Snowoverreaction?”

  1. For some reason Hannah I always delete news feeds that contain links that look suspicious to me and so I have deleted several of your posts. But they kept coming, lol. So I clicked, read, and enjoyed. I hope to become a student soon.


  2. It snowed here for at least twelve hours, and there was a lot of blowing. It was impressive enough–especially, I think, for Missouri, but this is only my fourth winter here, so I’m not really an expert. We’ve had several school closings for much smaller storms, too, and those have seemed excessive to this MInnesota-raised girl. I assume it is because getting around on some of the rural roads around here is a very different story than getting through town.

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