So close

I’m done teaching for over two weeks! This is the longest I’ve gone since Christmas Break, so I’m really pumped. Two more opera performances and then BOOM vacation time!

The bad news is the weather forecast doesn’t look fantastic. It might rain every day of the first week, at least. But I’m hopeful for scattered showers, and I do have a nice raincoat, and lots of tech fabric clothing to wear that dries. I’m not going to worry, as there’s absolutely nothing that can be done.

I am going to worry about the usual, fitting everything into the car, leaving the dog behind (not alone, obviously!), being out of touch and having people not be able to get ahold of me for a few days. But I think it’ll be a fun trip, less epic than the past two summers, and I’m thankful for that. We will explore, hike, camp, relax, and sightsee. We have tuna and beans and couscous packed (well in bags, among other excellent camping meals), sparkling water, hiking shoes and sticks, and of course a lot more. I’ve printed the itinerary already, so I’ve decided the advance planning is done, and now it’ll just be the doing and any in the moment decisions. My kindle is loaded with library books, and I’m ready!

6 more hours of work until then, not counting practice.

Oh, and we are going to try to do this hike again! Such fun!