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As the holidays approach, two things are happening on this blog.  First, I’m becoming more sappy and sentimental.  You know how that is—holidays make you think of family and being a child and all the things you’re left behind as you make your move into adulthood.  Secondly, I’m becoming more commercial 😉  I’m in my pajamas, eating stuffing and corn pudding, and debating a run.  And going through my email inbox trying to respond to various people and their bids for my time, money, or attention.  (I’ve got another one of these kind of posts coming up tomorrow.  I’ll try to counter it by talking about pie in between, and maybe telling you how awesome the run I have yet to take was.)

Zazzle contacted me to see if I would let you guys know about some of their products.  I’ve ordered mugs and tote bags from them before, so I definitely don’t mind sharing some ideas with you guys.  Here are some cool products I picked out, and I invite you to visit the site and mess around a bit.  You might find some great gift ideas, and naturally they have some good Black Friday sales going on.


I should mention that Zazzle provided me with a gift certificate in exchange for my time.  Blogging isn’t free you know 🙂  Maybe I’ll buy my favorite reader a gift with the gift certificate!  Who wants what? And what makes you think you’re my favorite reader?

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