Sometimes it’s really hard to think of a title—in a nutshell, I was really sweaty, watched Downton Abbey, and Men are Different, as I always say.

It must be July already or something, because this weather is out of control.  We’re talking about 90 degrees, at the beginning of May!  Yesterday we played an outdoor wedding at the Botanical Gardens.  I wore my summer wedding black dress (had to dig that out of storage) and I believe within five minutes I had completely sweated through it.  It was like working out but without the working out part, just the sweating part.  Or like Bikram Yoga without the poses, and instead of yoga then you had to play the violin.

photo (11)

Actually this is a really good picture of Chris.  Maybe I should make him stop smiling for photos and just make that smoldering look at the camera instead.

photo (11)

Upon closer inspection, it might just be a look of disgust towards me taking a picture.  Oh and apparently some of the guys are growing out beards for the Indy 500 on Memorial Day.  Every time I think I start to understand men I hear something like that…and just think:  Men are different. (original post here)

This morning I went to a spin class with Vanessa.  This was HUGE because I haven’t worked out since getting sick, and honestly, before that with the shoulder problems…let’s just say it’s been awhile.  I thought a spin class would be perfect since if I were getting overwhelmed or having shoulder issues it would be easy enough to sand bag.  It was AWESOME.  I made Vanessa take a picture of me afterwards, but that didn’t work so well.  This is actually the best one.

photo (8)

My eyes may be shut but I think you can appreciate how tired and sweaty I look, right?  You might ask, why would you post this picture?  Well, it’s the best I’ve got, and if I don’t post a picture of myself in workout clothes, how will you know I worked out? 

Anyway, the class was great.  I am halfway tempted to push my luck and go for a run as well today…but I’ll probably just finish up this blog post and watch Downton Abbey instead.  (Oh yes, I started on Thursday, watched all of Season 1 and two episodes of Season 2…and then a bunch more last night, and now I’m ready to finish Season 2.  SO GOOD WHY DID I RESIST WATCHING THIS BEFORE????)

I recently started using Instagram on my phone.  I presume it is just to put up pictures of my cat?  Does anybody think it’s weird when you have a friend and then after being friends for awhile you learn they have a pet…and you didn’t know.  What I’m asking is:  What is truly the purpose of social media and camera phones if NOT to take and post pictures of your pets online at all times?  Or what I’m really asking: Do I talk about the fatness too much?

photo (12)

That’s the fatness, instagrammed.  Doesn’t she look more old-timey and authentic now?

photo (13)

She is on my legs as I’m stretched out on the couch watching Downton Abbey…love it.  Also I think my legs went numb.

If you think I talk about my cat or post too many pictures of her, please don’t tell me.  I won’t change my behavior, and then I’ll just be awkward around you.

And I’m being a good blogger today.  A variety of pictures, one from Instagram, check!  Self-portrait to prove I worked out, check!  References to popular culture, check!  And links to old blog posts, check!

Self fist bump for the win!


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  1. YAY FOR DOWNTON!! And Yay for the smolder! Chris should dress up as Flynn Rider for Halloween!! 🙂 I’m so so happy you are watching downton- how far are you today!?

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