St Louis Magazine Party

Friday night was great fun!  I went with my friends to this party:

My friend Jen Gartley was chosen as one of St. Louis’s Top Singles for 2010.  Congrats Jen!  The party was at Lumen Event Space on Locust. I had a good time getting dressed up with my black and silver dress that I hadn’t had a chance to wear since the cruise.  I met at my friend Laura’s and she drove us downtown.  There was valet parking at the event, and there were stacks of the magazine by the door.  We had to buy tickets to get in, but otherwise food and drink were included.  I didn’t know what to expect (naturally had all sorts of Sex and the City ideas–was not like that) but I figured people would be pretty dressed up and standing around.  That’s basically what happened!  There was loud music, some talking we couldn’t hear (where evidently all the “singles” were announced/introduced) and then a “fashion show” which was a bit lame as there was no catwalk or anything like that, and the models weren’t great (have watched too much ANTM I suppose).  However, the event was fun overall, and I had a great time hanging out with my girlfriends!

Jen and I--didn't really know where to look, apparently!
My friends!

My camera didn’t fit into my bag so I had to depend on friends.  There may be more photos later, we’ll see 🙂