Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Run Recap

I initially typed Stan “Musical”. That would be an entirely different sort of run. Or not…maybe it would be similar but everybody would just be kind of dancing and snapping their fingers a bit more?

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Race swag. T-shirt, bib with a really nice picture of the bridge on it, and a commemorative medallion.

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Saturday’s race was a 6k run from downtown over the new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge (before it opened to traffic, very exciting!) and back. It was a 6k because “6” was Stan Musial’s number.


I was pretty happy with my time, only because it shows improvement in my running, not because it was in any way a good time. I finished in 46:58, which isn’t at all fast, but for me it was good. Two things I was proud of: 1) getting up in the freezing, freezing cold (did I mention it was cold?) and DOING the run and 2) running quite a bit, versus walking, including the final uphill (naturally) to the finish line, during which I ran hard the whole time I could see the finish line, which seemed like forever, and which was probably about 30 yards or something. Really I have no idea, and runkeeper isn’t very good for actually keeping track of distance, at least not during races. Oh well. I should probably dust off my Garmin in the future for this sort of thing.

I won’t bore you with details, but instead show you some of my awesome race pictures, which I decided was worth the $10 to show you. I could have simply screen capped them, but I feel that $10 is a reasonable rate and wanted to be on the up and up and buy them for that REASONABLE price. (Do you hear me, other races? $10 for a bunch of digital photos is a good price, not $40 to $100…)


Photographer at the turnaround. Mild awareness in my eyes, and oddly stumpy legs. I should say: lots of folks were stopping on the bridge to take pictures, but it’s a race, right? And honestly, the new bridge is cool and all, but the scenery wasn’t super great, it was cold and I wanted to be done. Let this blog post prove that I ran on the bridge before anybody drove across it!


Oh look, I’m smiling for the camera. The lady behind me wins the prize though. Also we look like we are winning the race against that huge pack of people behind us. YES.


This must have been closer to the finish line. Working hard! (I like this one.)


And…near death…but I survived. I promise!

I’m very glad I ran the race. I’ve been getting back into fitness, and I’m totally aware that I don’t look good in running tights, but I’m proud of getting back on the “fitness horse” so to speak, and I won’t let negative body thoughts get me down, and instead will use them to motivate myself to do better. (Blah, blah, blah, try to focus on “I was working hard” rather than “I look fat”).

And whatever. Getting up early to run in “feels like 8 degrees” is pretty bad ass, right?

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  1. Super badass. It was freaking cold that day. I never know how long to look at the camera and smile, so I end up with lots of pictures where my eyes look closed after I look away. Whatever.

    And yes, that’s the kind of price I don’t mind paying for race pictures.

    I could learn something from you about brevity and race reports.
    Kate recently posted…Icicle huntingMy Profile

  2. You are super awesome! I am not a runner (I attempted to a little over a year ago, and I just hated it – probably because I wasn’t in shape, but still, it didn’t feel like something I would learn to love, haha), but your time sounds great to me! And look at that determination on your face – love it! 🙂
    Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy recently posted…Peaches n’ Cream Oatmeal {E}My Profile

  3. Waking up early to run in that weather is totally badass! And I second the call for more reasonably priced photo packages! I’ve run a couple 5ks put on by a local road runners club and I was astounded to discover they put the photos on the website for free download. Free! Granted, they’re smaller races with fewer people, but still nice.
    Chaitali recently posted…Week in reviewMy Profile

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