Steve Carell

I just wanted to say that I love Steve Carell.  Why is he so funny?????

Also, why is he so freaking weird?  He’s totally my hero.  I wish I could have as dry a sense of humor as he does.


This morning’s run was awful.  Stupid heat.  I am so over it.  I’m tired of getting nauseous and feeling like I’m going to faint.  We "ran" around the park, but I was a complete failure and made Jen walk too many times.  She claims she didn’t mind, but I know she thought I sucked as a running partner 😉


Maybe we should have worn the wristbands today? Or the new ones I got from the Budweiser store?

For some reason then I decided to run two miles on the treadmill at the gym.  I may feel this all tomorrow.  Not sure.  Either way I felt like more of a runner afterwards, rather than a blubbery fainting vomiting mess.  Grrr.

Sorry for the negativity.  Thank goodness tomorrow is August—I’m sure all this heat will be behind us!  And I know it’s hard to run in the heat, and I didn’t treat my body as well as I should have over the weekend, which definitely attributed to my running issues.  I know this.  I need to relax, drink less alcohol, eat more veggies, and drink more water.  I’ll do better then.  I will stop beating myself up.