Still engaged, no date yet


It’s been over a month since we got engaged, so naturally people are asking about the date and such.  No, we haven’t set a date yet.  We are still waiting to find out a few things about next “season”  before we make any big decisions.  So I haven’t made any more wedding plans or anything, as until we decide on a date, we can’t choose a venue, and all the trappings that go with that.  It will happen in the next two months, and possibly sooner.  Also…(how to put this without seeming materialistic?)…we haven’t gotten any engagement gifts yet?  I assumed after announcing our engagement the gifts would start pouring in?  (We have received cards and many well-wishes, which is plenty, of course—I am kidding about the gifts!)

I am thinking I should enlist my cat as the flower girl or the ring bearer.  Has anybody done that?  How did it work out?


(Not my cat, but eerily similar…)