I woke up last night because of a giant thunderstorm/hailstorm.  The best part is:  today the high is 80.  EIGHTY!  (That’s really cold, in case you are confused.)

Yesterday I finished teaching all the students I was teaching while their teacher was on maternity leave.  It was sad to say goodbye.  I know I will see them all around at the school in the fall, but it’s not the same.  They were all great students, and great families too!

That’s part of why I am so excited to be teaching at my new job.  This is the first time I’m officially announcing this on the blog.  Starting in the fall I will only have one job away from the home—I will be teaching three days a week at the St Louis School of Music.  The other days I will be teaching out of my home (and am finally accepting new students again) and that is ALL the teaching I will be doing.  I will have time for gigs, working out, practicing, household errands, and wedding planning.  Oh, and mental health, of course.  This is the sort of place I can envision teaching at for some time.

Yesterday afternoon I saw “The Death of Klinghoffer” by John Adams, performed by the SLSO and Opera Theater St Louis.  It was great.  I’m not a huge opera fan–I get bored by singing…and it tends to go on and on…makes me think of this quote from “Sabrina”–

Linus Larrabee: And I want tickets to whatever Broadway show nobody can get tickets to.
[Mack looks inquisitively at him]
Linus Larrabee: I know, I seldom go to the theatre.
Mack: Seldom?
Linus Larrabee: So, I’m not a theatre buff.
Mack: Buff? The most difficult tickets to get will be for a Broadway musical.
Linus Larrabee: [distractedly] Okay.
Mack: That means that the performers will periodically dance about and burst into song.

But I am definitely glad I saw it.  The opera isn’t what you would typically think of for opera at all, though, and definitely covers difficult subject matter.  I recommend reading the Wikipedia article on it.  (Do you like when I give assignments?)  There was also a number in the second half where a woman sang and danced WHILE DRESSED IN AN 80’S COSTUME COMPLETE WITH PINK LEG WARMERS.  Wish I’d had that for my race.


from the riverfronttimes article about Klinghoffer

Here’s another interesting article about it.

Does the opera make me think twice about cruising?  No.

By the way, I am getting super excited about Suzuki camp—I leave a week from Sunday for Ottawa Mid-Southwest Suzuki Camp.  I’m doing Teaching Training on Book 5 with Susan Kempter—a true genius!

Also I love dorm living and cafeteria food.  😉