We just keep having storms!  What happened to our beautiful spring weather? 

I am looking at the forecast for the weekend—thunderstorms and showers every day.  In fact, all next week as well.  It’s really annoying!

I was woken up during the night by a thunderstorm Sad smile

Tomorrow we are going the Cardinals game.  So much for a pleasant, warm, sunny afternoon.  It will probably rain all afternoon, making the game miserable.

Tomorrow before the game Jen and I are planning to run (just once) around Forest Park (6 miles or so.)  I guess we’ll see if that can happen.  I would love it!  I figured out yesterday if I run slower I can go farther without stopping…I should say, I remembered that.  Easy run equals actually run slowly.

I know the hot weather will be here soon enough.  I’m simply impatient.



Today:  workout with Mike, run, teach for a couple hours, dinner with Chris (my thank you dinner for getting taxes done), girls’ night get-together at a friend’s house.

Tomorrow:  run with Jen, Cardinals game (baseball, for those who are not sports fans)

Sunday:  Easter gig (early), brunch with friends

All of these things would be better with lovely nice warm weather.  Especially Saturday’s events.  But everything would be nicer!  I could wear a lovely spring dress on Easter…(I know, whine, whine, Jesus had it worse on Good Friday, walked uphill both ways to school, etcetera)

Oh well. 

And did I mention after this week there are 4 more weeks left of school teaching?  Just putting that out there. 

Enjoy your weekend, readers!  Hopefully you are less whiny than I am.