Stranger Danger?

Today was a gorgeous day!  I went running in the park, as I like to do. 

I was finishing up my run, and I passed a man walking across the grass and then across my path.  He was holding a passport and a phone, and he looked confused.  I almost stopped, but then I kept going a bit.  I turned around, and he waved me down.  Normally I don’t stop for people, but I was now at a corner with lots of cars going by so I figured I was safe enough. 

He asked if I knew where the nearest library was.  He explained that he had dual citizenship and his visa was expiring (or had expired) and he needed to find an embassy.  Frankly it was all sort of confusing, plus I was finishing up a run, so my brain wasn’t fully working.  I pointed him towards the direction I was pretty sure a library was (embarrassingly I wasn’t sure but I recalled driving by one within 6 to 8 blocks.) He persisted, asking, was that the "carpenter" branch he was finding on his cell phone.  I told him I just didn’t know, but I was sure there was a library that way.  Then he said he had been lost, and was walking through the park, and some man came up to him and asked was he looking for a date, and he thought the man had exposed himself. 

So…I said, huh, I’ve heard of that happening.  And I asked, what did he look like?  (At this point, my brain is saying, what?? why is a stranger telling me this?)  He said he was in a Nissan.  At which point, I thought, why is he telling me this?  He might just be freaked out…or perhaps he’s leading in a direction I don’t want to go, like, maybe he was planning to expose HIMSELF or maybe he was just going to ask for a date, or for who knows.  So I said, I have to be on my way, and I left.

What do you think?  I found the whole situation really strange and odd.  I wouldn’t have stopped at all except he did look lost plus I was bigger and near a busy street corner (busy with both cars and pedestrians, I might add.)  Has anything weird like that happened to you? 

Also…here’s the forecast for tomorrow.  What happened??  Scattered flurries???


3 thoughts on “Stranger Danger?”

  1. That is so weird. I wouldn’t have liked it myself. I think I would have just been on my way though. Mike and I had a really weird person come up to us once right near our house. He was all sorts of crazy and yet we live in a small town and usually don’t have things like that happen. I didn’t run that area for a while.

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