Students leaving

I just wanted to say a few words about when students leave my studio.  I’ve lost a few students recently, but gained a few as well.  I do not require contracts from students, so basically people can quit whenever–I probably should start making people sign a contract that they have to give one month notice, but I really don’t want more paperwork…

There are two ways people leave the studio.  The best way is that they tell me, either in person, over the phone or email.  It’s really fine!  I understand that finances or other life events, or other activities get in the way of violin lessons.  When you sign up for violin lessons, you are not making a lifetime commitment (like I have ;)) so of course I expect people to leave at some point.  Ideally that would be high school graduation for my younger kids, but I don’t actually expect that.  Sometimes people leave and ask if it’s okay if they change their minds later and sign back up.  Of course!  I do not hold grudges against people who leave (or at least haven’t yet 😉 ).  I can’t hold time slots, of course, but if our schedules permit, then any former student is more than welcome to become a current student again, no worries at all.

The other way people leave the studio is to just stop coming to lessons.  I hate this way.  One week they won’t show up.  I’ll leave a message.  And never hear another word again.  I never know whether it was something I did, or if it was a financial decision, or if the family all died in a horrible accident, or they simply didn’t consider me or my time important enough to notify me that they wouldn’t be continuing.  That really bugs me.  I would be hesitant to take somebody who left under those circumstances back, though, I am a forgiving person by nature.

I do miss certain students who have left, and I also miss students that I have left (moved away, changed schools, etc.).  But people come and go, and all I can do is hope that I have made a positive impact on their life in some way!

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  1. Well said. I miss the students I’ve had to say goodbye to! It bothers me when a lack of communication is involved, though. I had a student leave once, years ago, without saying a word to me. The mother told the director at the school that our teaching/learning styles were just too different and it wasn’t working well. The thing is, she never mentioned to me that she thought there was an issue, and I had no indication they were unhappy–I thought everything was going well!

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